Floor Painting - Concrete/Cement Garage/Basement/Commercial

Basements, Garage Floors, Patios, Decks can all be painted with latex floor paint. Concrete Floors cane also be painted with more durable epoxy paint as well.

Successful floor painting is all in the preparations. The leading cause of floor paint failure is painting over moist floors. This is especially true of basements.

 We are most proud of our $1,500, class leading,
commercial restoration dehumidifier.

Nothing will get your basement dryer!

Being a water damage restoration company, we have equipment to dry your floor to a level no one else can achieve, not even close.

We will guaranty all floor painting done completely for two full years against peeling.

We will guaranty all residential epoxy floor painting done completely for two full years against wear.

We will guaranty all residential acrylic floor painting done completely for one full year against wear.

We will guaranty all commercial epoxy floor painting done completely for one full year against wear.

Extend guaranty all epoxy floors for an additional 12 months if we perform a deep cleaning and single clear coat protector @ 30¢ per sf through our maintenance plan.

Clean & Prep Surface (Acid Etching).
Dry concrete slab*.

$0.15 per sf

Light Paint Removal (no dust,
wet grit brush on floor buffer)
$0.20 per sf
Bonding Primer $0.20 per sf
Odor Blocking Primer Trade Secret $0.25 per sf, per coat
Acrylic Latex Paint (Behr or Valspar Low Luster) $0.40 per sf, 2 coats
Acrylic Latex Paint (Behr or Valspar High Gloss) $0.45 per sf, 2 coats
1 Part Epoxy Paint (Behr) $0.55 per sf, 2 coats
Non-Skid Floor Finish Additive
Decorative Flakes

Epoxy or Polished Cement Clear Coat Acrylic Protector
High Gloss or Low Lustre Protector (Behr)

$0.25 per sf, 2 coats

We have to strip off all the pealing paint that was improperly applied, because primer over this mess is just going to peal,
heavy paint removal using our floor buffer and wet encrusted diamond pads is the only way to clean this.

Heavy paint removal must be quoted case by case.

We can also polish and seal concrete instead of painting it. Ask for your quote for concrete or terrazzo. 

Finally, wood floors can be painted with any premium quality interior paint you'd like after proper preparations.
The method of protecting them from immediately wearing out is to apply 2-3 coats of polyurethane floor finish.

See our wood floor services for more information.

Interior Painting

All work includes trim painting and wall dusting

Small Bedroom, Bathroom or Utility Room (2 coats walls and 1 coat ceiling, up to 400 sf  of walls and ceiling) $200
Larger Bedroom, Kitchen or Small Living Room (2 coats walls and 1 coat ceiling, up to 600 sf of walls and ceiling) $300
Living Room (2 coats walls and 1 coat ceiling, up to 800 sf of walls and ceiling) $400
Larger Rooms (2 coats walls and one coat ceiling) per 200 sf $100 

Ceiling Only Small Room (1 coat 100 sf) $80
Ceiling Medium Room (1 coat 150 sf) $120
Ceiling  Large Room (1 coat 200 sf) $160

Prep work such as patching, sanding, scraping, taping, furniture moving, heavy cleaning and deodorizing by quotation as needed.
The above price includes "better" economy grade paint in flat or eggshell finish.

We can purchase any paint you need and paint we buy is fresher (large jobs factory direct) and more consistent in quality due to blending. Our prices are the same as retail.

Behr Valspar PPG Home Depot PPG Lowes Sherwin Williams WalMart

Standard Grade

$18-22 gal.





Premium Grade,
but not 100% acrylic

Walmart Carries two vinyl-acrylics we'd call Standard Grade, one by Glidden, the other appears to be Sherwin Williams according to the SDS sheet at least.

Color Place Paint, also made by PPG is more in line with economy grade paints we prefer not to use.

They carry some Kilz paints which look promising, though we have no hands on experience with yet.


Premium Grade
100% Acrylic
(also available in quarts)

$25-30 gal.





Super Premium 

>$30 per gallon

Behr Ultra Valspar Signature N/A N/A Sherwin Williams Showcase

 Valspar is owned by Sherwin Williams 

Kilz and Behr the same company and Kilz showing up in other stores as well... http://www.kilz.com/products/paints

Fan of Joanna Gaines? Kilz makes her paints too... http://www.magnoliapaintbykilz.com/

We have swatch books from three major manufacturers of paint. For a $10 consult fee, we will come to your property and assist you with paint and color selection. This fee will be applied towards any work we perform for you. A lot of people ask "what's the best paint?". The answer is simple, the one whose color. sheen and price you like. 

 Do we warranty our work? Unlike some others, YES! 
 In the unlikely event that your paint will peel, chip or fade from a properly prepared surface within the first 90 days from completion, our work is guaranteed. 100% paint and labor. We will fix any defects of the paint or our workmanship, without any cost. If you choose a premium 100% acrylic latex paint, this will be extended to a full year. Even the standard paints listed here have a life expectancy of 15 years, which may be guaranteed by the manufacturer, but not us. We don't use most so called "economy paints" and there are slight differences other categories of paints and we will help you sort out the differences.

 It is unusual to get satisfactory coverage from one coat. If your budget is extremely tight, we will make you a deal on one coat, but will not guaranty coverage or hide.
 If you are making a significant color change, covering stains or marks, primer is required. If you need to block an odor such as cigarette smoke or urine, a different type of primer is required. If the wall has never been painted, it requires yet another type of primer.
Cracks? Stains? Holes? Wet? Texture Problems? Odors? We fix them all! Prices vary, but we work at competitive prices, we work cleanly and quickly.

We will be glad to quote you for primers of various types, one or two coats, depending on the need. For more info, please contact us at 845clean@gmail.com or leave a message on our voice mail at 845 377 DIRT (3478). We can offer you a combination savings with our carpet cleaning service as low as $29.99 per room! Hardwood Floors can be sanded and recoated with polyurethane for as little as $1.50 per sq ft.