Expert Hand Cleaning of Fine Rugs

 Protect your investment. The dense fibers in rugs trap a lot of wear causing sand and dust deep within the yarns. This soil can not be removed by vacuuming.
Vacuuming with an upright or other type that contains a brush roll or beater bar is inappropriate for staple fibers such as wool and other natural fibers, as excess shedding will result. It is certainly appropriate to use such a vacuum on continuous strand fibers, such as most synthetics, but keep in mind some synthetics are also staple (cut pieces spun together) fibers, in an attempt to give the look and feel of natural fibers.

We suggest the compact sized and modestly priced Eureka Mighty Mite vacuum for removing soil from the surface of your fine wool rugs. For wall-to-wall carpeting and rugs made from continuous synthetic fibers, we suggest a "direct motor" type commercial upright, such as Sanitaire or Royal with a disposable bag. These can be identified by their lack of a hose, suction is created directly by the motor. With fewer obstructions and restrictions, this type is more effective and unlikely to clog. We'd be happy to recommend models and retailers to you.

 Rug dusting employs two methods to remove all dry soils from your rug. First we use mechanical vibration applied to the back of your rug to shake soil out and drop to a grid below. Then we use high pressure 90-100 psi air to blow the particles from your rug. This is the most effective method.

 We typically remove about 1 lb of sand and dust from a medium sized rug. In extreme cases, we have removed 3+ lbs from a small scatter rug or short runner.
You don't want this building up in your rug. Everyone experiences this
to a certain level, but always remember to wipe your feet before entering your home, it does make a difference! No carpet cleaner can perform this level of soil removal. Always insist your rugs be cleaned thoroughly and safely in a rug cleaning plant.

Get your rugs dusted at least once a year. This dust and sand is damaging your rug.

 It is our most inexpensive level of service yet removes the most soil. All other processes do not begin until we have given your rug a thorough dusting.
All rugs are tested for color fastness as well.

  Surface cleaning can be several processes. First we employ a dry foam method. This is used on rugs unable to be wet. The pH neutral foam is applied, brushed in gently, then vacuumed up. The foam contains easily vacuumed polymers that encapsulate soil and allow for good soil removal. In combination with a dye lock, this is perfect for over dyed rugs where bleeding is an issue. It is also the preferred method for painted and otherwise damaged rugs.
 The next
method is another low moisture method called absorbent pad cleaning. The encapsulating, pH neutral cleaning product is put on a bonnet that is either hand or machine rubbed against the surface of your rug. This bonnet will pull soil from your rug into the pad. Like dry foam, vacuuming removes the remaining soil that is encapsulated by the cleaner. Rinsing is not required. This cleans only the upper portion of your rug. It is only employed when no other method is feasible.

 The third method is employed with lightly soiled rugs and also with tufted rugs. Tufted rugs have
a latex binding between two layers of backing. You can tell a tufted rug by looking at the back, you will see the cloth backing, not a woven pattern.

They can not be immersed as the binding is not fully water resistant.

 What we do is we inject cold or cool water at a relatively low pressure into the yarns and then immediately suck it out with a high powered vacuum. This is similar to how we clean wall-to-wall carpet, but with no heat, less pressure and instead of a large 12" carpet wand, we get "up close and personal" to clean with a 4" upholstery tool. We generally pre-treat with a cleaning product, allow it to dwell for the proper time, then this process is rinsing your carpet. Often we put dye lock in the rinse water to protect the yarns and leave them softer.
We can also use deodorants at this point if necessary. This
method is somewhat more thorough than the other methods listed so far. After cleaning, your rug is dried flat or hung to dry. If necessary, we can block and tack your rug to prevent curling and shrinkage.

Immersion cleaning is our deepest level cleaning. It is a must for successful urine decontamination and other extreme cleaning.
It can be performed on woven rugs only.

 It is great for getting even the finest, most embedded soil particles out of the rug and should be performed on a regular basis.
It starts with dusting and testing for color fastness as always.
Red is notorious for bleeding and you may just want to let it bleed a little. Some rugs may be new, but show the patina of being pre-washed. Synthetic rugs are sometimes designed with muted colors to simulate this effect.
 You don't want white areas to turn pink however. We apply dye lock to the light areas to protect them. We only use cold water. Hot water or steam will open up the fibers to allow them to receive dye. Most yarn is dyed in boiling vats.
 This is why heat from carpet cleaning equipment is most damaging to your rug and must be avoided.
Your rug is soaked in a fresh cleaning solution with enzymatic cleaners to break the bonds of soil. Maybe it takes 30 minutes, maybe it takes 8+ hours. We do what needs to be done to achieve full cleaning. Then comes rinsing, extraction and drying. Often several hundred gallons of water are employed in this process. Stretching, tacking and blocking to eliminate shrinkage and curling are also included.

 Don't trust your rugs to the hands of an inexperienced carpet cleaner. Our experience backed up with
IICRC certification in Rug Cleaning, as well as Carpets and Upholstery cleaning certifications. We are also certified technicians by the Woolsafe Organization, which is the wool producer's certification organization for cleaning products
and services. Your valuable investment will receive the best care possible.

Rug Cleaning Price List
Dusting Only $.75 per sq ft

3x5 $11.25

2x8 runner $12.00 2.5x10 $18.75 4x6 $18.00 5x8  $30.00 6x9 $31.50 8x8 round or square $48.00 8x11 $66.00 9x12 $81.00 10x14 $105.00

Dusting & Surface Clean $1.00 per sq ft (tufted wool, delicate or lightly soiled woven rugs) This method can be applied to "on site cleaning" as well.

3x5 $15.00

2x8 runner $16.00

2.5x10 $25.00 4x6 $24.00 5x8  $40.00 6x9 $54.00 8x8 round or square $64.00 8x11 $88.00 9x12 $108.00 10x14 $140.00
Dusting, Scrubbing & Immersion Clean (Synthetic Woven) $1.50 per sq ft
3x5 $22.50 2x8 runner $24.00 2.5x10 $37.50 4x6 $36.00 5x8  $60.00 6x9 $63.00 8x8 round or square $96.00 8x11 $132.00 9x12 $162.00 10x14 $210.00
Dusting, Scrubbing & Immersion Clean (Wool Woven) $3.25-4.00 per sq ft depending on thickness and other factors
3x5 $48.75 2x8 runner $52.00 2.5x10 $81.25 4x6 $78.00 5x8  $130.00 6x9 $136.50 8x8 round or square $208.00 8x11 $308.00 9x12 $351.00 10x14 $455.00
Dusting & Surface Clean $3.00 per sq ft (Viscose aka Art Silk, Rayon, Bamboo or other plant derived material) Face, back & face again (3x cleaning)
3x5 $45.00 2x8 runner $48.00 2.5x10 $75.00 4x6 $72.00 5x8  $120.00 6x9 $162.00 8x8 round or square $192.00 8x11 $264.00 9x12 $324.00 10x14 $420.00

Please don't buy any Viscose (the first synthetic fiber to come to market, back in the mid 19th Century) or other plant derived rug with the intention of cleaning them. Most knowledgable cleaners will not even touch them. Water makes them turn brown. This is unavoidable. We can attempt cleaning with our lower moisture method, using food grade citric acid (that's what gives soda it's "zing") because the slight alkalinity of even mild detergents and cleaners will turn them brown. Stain removal is basically impossible. In the rug industry they are called "disposable". If you are buying a silk-like rug and it is not $15 per sf or more, it is not silk. Silk is strong and easy to clean. Silk is derived from an animal, not a plant. It is unfortunate that Viscose is weak and difficult to clean. We can make no guarantee or promises to the outcome from cleaning. While Viscose feels a lot like silk, it is not silk. It is one of the oldest scams in the rug industry.

 Always insist on a genuine silk parachute or rug!

Genuine Silk and other extreme high value items priced on a case by case evaluation.Standard cleaning removes embedded soil and water soluble spots only.

Extra fringe whitening, deodorizing and removing pet stains will incur additional charges.

Pick Up and Delivery

20 miles or less from our Middletown, NY plant. No charge

Over 20 miles, but under 40 miles: $5 for rugs under 6x9', $7.50 for rugs up to 9x12 and $10 for rugs up to 12x16'

Over 40 miles, but under 60 miles: $10 for rugs under 6x9', $15 for rugs up to 9x12 and $20 for rugs up to 12x16'

Pay only for the largest rug's shipping and all others are free! Our maximum shipping rate is $20 round trip!

You couldn't drive it to us yourself for less...

To schedule pick-up call 845 377-DIRT (3478)


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